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The Facts:

Developer: Liquid Flower
Based in Sweden
DTG: /Qbeh-1

Press & Media Contact:

Twitter @Liquid_Flower @DTribeGames
Facebook | YouTube


QBEH-1: The Atlas Cube will take players on an inspired quest through a variety of divergent worlds, each filled with new mysteries and secrets to uncover. In each world there will be special cubes that must be collected and used to navigate to the next portal. Some cubes will simply be used as stepping stones to new areas while others are imbued with magical properties such as light, gravity and propulsion.

Developed by Liquid Flower Games, QBEH-1: The Atlas Cube is a prequel to their much beloved Qbeh. What started as a 4 level student project, Qbeh soon found its way online and into the hands of gamers and journalists alike who wanted more after feasting on this appetizer. QBEH-1 builds off the core concept and aesthetics introduced in the original and brings even more polish and passion into the new game.

Qbeh-1: The Atlas Cube is currently available on Steam:


  • Solve elaborate puzzles using a variety of Cube types such as Building Blocks, Energy Cubes and Gravity Manipulators
  • Explore atmospheric Worlds, each with 6 challenging levels and unique themes
  • Experience an immersive & mesmerizing Soundtrack
  • Discover alternate paths, intriguing platforming elements and secrets to unlock an unfolding mystery
  • Experience an immersive & mesmerizing Soundtrack that pulls you into the adventure
  • Uncover the game’s narrative through interpretive imagery
  • Steam Features include Achievements, Trading Cards and Controller Support
  • Oculus Rift Support

Level Editor & Steam Workshop Features

  • Create levels using similar (world) styles found in the game
  • SMix and match styles from multiple themes in one level
  • Add doors, switch activated doors, moving platforms, fans and more
  • Add special cubes (basic, energy, gravity and force)
  • Add geometry blocks such as walls and floors with different styles
  • Move, resize and rotate objects (only geometry blocks are resizable)
  • Change lighting and add light cubes as light sources
  • Change skybox
  • Select your background music from tracks available in the game
  • Test levels right in the editor
  • Share levels through Steam Workshop
  • Play levels made by others

Selected Articles

“A simple idea has been taken and turned into a complex puzzle game, with stunning visuals and relaxing music. If you’ve not played this great indie title yet, I highly suggest you give it a go!”
10/10 – Glacier Gaming

“It’s peaceful, intellectually rewarding, and of all things a stress reliever. Qbeh-1: The Atlas Cube, is great.”
9/10 – Hooked Gamers

“Qbeh-1 take’s everything that made Portal’s puzzles great and mix’s it with elements of MineCraft and even Tetris and blends them all together to create something unique yet familiar. Its Rift implementation is the best we have seen yet from a previously released 2D game so much so that it’s hard to imagine that it was not originally designed with VR in mind. Qbeh-1 is well worth your time and money as it’s a modern classic and a must play experience.”
4/5 – Virtual Reality Reviewer

Trailers & Videos

Check out gamers’ reactions to Qbeh-1 on Oculus Rift HERE.

Press Releases

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Qbeh-1: The Atlas Cube Announcement

The Team

Liquid Flower is bunch of young innovative people with the common drive to make interesting games for world to enjoy. They aim to make games that allow the player to leave behind everyday life and step into a new world. “Atmosphere and creativity are very important to us.”

Published By Digital Tribe Games
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Features | Selected Articles | Trailers & Videos | Press Releases | The Team