What is greater than the power of one’s imagination? Combining it with others to create things you wouldn’t ever think of on your own. The launch of FortressCraft Evolved’s Creative Mode Multiplayer DLC puts the most robust toolset available in the hands of creative types everywhere allowing them to create, to build, and to share.

Add Creative Multiplayer and evolve your FortressCraft experience! This free DLC is the first public accessible beta version of the long-anticipated, creative multiplayer mode. Host servers, join friends, build to your wildest dreams.
Note: Does not support multiplayer survival, only creative.

FortressCraft Evolved Creative Multiplayer is LIVE!
FortressCraft Evolved Creative Multiplayer Free DLC
The Fortress Craft Evolved team has been making many major updates all year in Steam’s Early Access program beginning with the Survival Mode, as per the fans’ demands, and is currently beta testing Creative Mode Multiplayer. Come check out the developer’s weekly streams at and see why this game is a steal on Steam’s Early Access and will be a must have at launch - or - join in the multiplayer with the developer!

FortressCraft Evolved Creative Mode Multiplayer Testing
There are a lot of Changes, Fixes and Additions made in Update 1.4.1, so much so it may warrant another play-through just to see them all! There were many behind the curtain improvements to be made in response to reported crashes, poor performance, as well as hooks to set the groundwork for the upcoming ports.

Depths of Fear :: Knossos - Update 1.4.1 Released
Depths of Fear :: Steam Store
Qbeh is well worth your time and money as it’s a modern classic and a must play experience.

Qbeh take’s everything that made Portal’s puzzles great and mix’s it with elements of MineCraft and even Tetris and blends them all together to create something unique yet familiar. Its Rift implementation is the best we have seen yet from a previously released 2D game so much so that it’s hard to imagine that it was not originally designed with VR in mind.

QBEH-1: The Atlas Cube 4/5 Oculus Rift Review
Virtual Reality Reviewer
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