Major Depths of Fear Update is live & Some teasers for new games…

It’s been a long time coming, but the latest update, 1.4.1, for Depths of Fear :: Knossos has gone live! This game was a big undertaking for one-man dev studio Dirigo Games so it took some time and elbow grease to track down and squash all the little pesky things that had popped up since launch. In addition to the bug fixes fans will find a new music track, new boss arenas, some major gameplay tweaks and refined gameplay in final battle against the almighty Minotaur! This of course is just a small fraction of all that has gone into the new update. Just head to the forums and check out the Update Tracker post or CLICK HERE and read the announcement which also shows off the new Satyr boss arena!

Next up we have a couple teasers here for two new game announcements we are making next week. While we finish getting all the ground work ready for our fantastic fall lineup press release that will be going out next week I wanted to drop a couple teaser images just for you here on the DTG Blog. Anook members got a tease of the top one earlier, but now we have one more tease you can only see below… 😀
Check back next week to find out more about these two elusive images! We’re very excited about these new titles and cannot wait to show you more!

Until then, head on over to Steam and pick up Rush Bros. for only .99¢ and Velvet Assassin for just .74¢! Both are part of the Steam Week Long Deals program. Offer ends August 18th 2014.


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