Let me introduce you to my friend KR…

Those wonder-kids at Wonderfling Studios have delivered an intense action platformer that will take you back to the days when pixels were king and hardcore was the status-quo. One of our favorite quotes about the game so far we feel hits the proverbial nail on the head:

“I have had a chance to preview this game for the last month and I can tell you right now…this game will do for SNES gaming what Shovel Knight has done for NES gaming: being a love letter to your childhood.”

Mod Vive

Other notable references that keep popping up are to old-school classics like Mega Man, Commander Keen and old DOS based side-scrollers in general like the original Duke Nukem games. Honestly it is an honor to bring to mind such classic titles when playing Terrian Saga: KR-17 even tho KR-17 is very much its own game in its own right.

And it wasn’t just the game that the developers poured their childhood dreams and memories into as the videos they have made to promote the game tug at the same nostalgic heartstrings as the game itself does. From the retro rap goodness of DO THE KR-17 to the old-school COMMERCIAL parody complete with a warped videotape effect and over-enthusiastic announcer, there is nothing but a sense of love and respect for gaming’s golden years in everything Wonderfling touches.

Terrian Saga: KR-17 is available now on Steam at a 20% discount till July 16th. That’s only $3.99 USD for a ticket back to your childhood (or your parents childhood depending on how old you are)!

And because the guys over at Wonderfling are such great guys they are offering the game’s original soundtrack (OST) for FREE to celebrate their launch on Steam and other major digital distribution channels. Just “who are Wonderfling” you might ask? Wonderfling is a Dallas based indie studio comprised of longtime friends who have combined their passion of video games to create fresh stories and new ideas through nostalgic presentation, solid controls, throwback graphics and retro sounds.

Does the beat of the KR-17 Rap get your toes tapping? If so here’s the lyrics for you to sing along with it. Learn the dance moves and send us a video of you doing the KR-17 and we’ll share it with all the other fans!

Do the KR-17!
Let me introduce you to my friend KR
he’s a military drone with a great big heart
His friend named J1M is a guided missile
if you need his help just give a little whistle
*whistle sound*
now this is the part that gets delirious
there’s a war in the the system called Terrius
with their planet overrun by terrorists
it’s up to KR to deliver us

he’s got napalm, mines and he shoots grenades
he’ll leave the evil robots sparking when the fire fades
if you want to blow baddies to smithereens
then join with us and do the KR-17

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