Is it REALLY almost Halloween again already?

We here at Digital Tribe enjoy a good scare both giving and receiving. Time seems to be creeping by as we anticipate all the ghouls and ghosts and sugar laden treats so we thought we’d hurry it up a bit and get everyone in the mood by offering up Depths of Fear :: Knossos for only $1.49!!! Turn out all the lights, crank up your speakers and get lost in the ever-changing creature filled labyrinths as you venture deeper and deeper below Knossos to rid the world of the malicious Minotaur.

As an added treat, we’ve extended the limited time offer on TinyKeep’s discount another week so come make your escape for -34% off the SRP! Phigames action rogue-like will test your resolve. TinyKeep won’t hold your hand as it whacks you in the head, and when you die it is game over. You will never have so much fun getting run through with spikes, crushed by spiked walls, pummeled by giant beasties all while getting pierced and burned by arrows and flames.

So to recap – If going deeper down into the depths of fear isn’t your speed, perhaps escaping up and out of dank dark dungeons is better suited for you? But at these prices, why not try both?

Last year we had our first Digital Tribe Trick or Treat Week on Facebook. We’ve been talking about doing it again this year with a few changes. Thank you everyone that participated last year! More details on Trick or Treat Week 2014 coming soon. We hope to see you there! Until then get your creep on with Depths of Fear :: Knossos and TinyKeep!

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