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2014, A Year in Review

While it is a bit cliche to exclaim “Oh my, where has the year gone?!” and “Is it really almost 2015 already?” that is exactly how it feels as I sit here looking back at all we’ve done this year with so many talented developers, many of which experienced their first ever game launch this […]

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Is it REALLY almost Halloween again already?

We here at Digital Tribe enjoy a good scare both giving and receiving. Time seems to be creeping by as we anticipate all the ghouls and ghosts and sugar laden treats so we thought we’d hurry it up a bit and get everyone in the mood by offering up Depths of Fear :: Knossos for […]

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Major Depths of Fear Update is live & Some teasers for new games…

It’s been a long time coming, but the latest update, 1.4.1, for Depths of Fear :: Knossos has gone live! This game was a big undertaking for one-man dev studio Dirigo Games so it took some time and elbow grease to track down and squash all the little pesky things that had popped up since […]

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New TinyKeep Screens, Stronghold 3 iPad Update & KR-17 Reviews!

When we first talked with PhiGames and signed on TinyKeep we had only seen the castle dungeon interior and were happy with the look and direction of the game. Since then PhiGames has released some new screens that show off two new locations, the Overrun Jungle Ruins and the Hellfire Realm, and they are just […]

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Let me introduce you to my friend KR…

Those wonder-kids at Wonderfling Studios have delivered an intense action platformer that will take you back to the days when pixels were king and hardcore was the status-quo. One of our favorite quotes about the game so far we feel hits the proverbial nail on the head: “I have had a chance to preview this […]

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Packs, Bundles & Little Green Men

Just discover all the great games Digital Tribe has to offer and can’t decide which ones to buy? Well does Greenman Gaming have the deals for YOU! GET THEM ALL! or GET SOME OF THEM! Serious. They’re great deals and only available on Greenman Gaming. The DIGITAL TRIBE PACK | $70.94 USD Includes: Bad Bots, […]

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Make You Inner Gamer Child Smile – New KR-17 Video!

I’ll be honest here. When Wonderfling sent me a link to their latest video promoting The Terrian Saga: KR-17 I sat and watched it about 10 times in a row. It hit a very deep, very personal nostalgic nerve and put a very stupid grin on my face (must like actually playing the game does). […]

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Today, this 4th day of June in the year 2014, the almighty power of the cube has been unleashed unto Mac gamers on Steam. Digital Tribe and Liquid Flower could not let PC gamers have all the fun so are happy to announce that the QBEH-1: The Atlas Cube Mac version is now available on […]

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Sales, Squires, Scares & Squares

Greetings gamers! Welcome to the first of many new blog posts where we will be dishing out all the latest DTG news fit to be read. Today we want to bring to your attention two huge sales running this week. Both Dementium II HD and Stronghold 3 GOLD are each under $5 dollars on Steam […]

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Welcome to Digital Tribe Games

We are excited today to announce the launch of our newly designed website Our goal was to create a clear design focused on featuring the games, their designers and developers and communicating the true value of the Digital Tribe Team. This is our beta launch so stay tuned as we create our own community […]

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